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I got a couple of cavities filled today. They only did half, I have two more on the other side I have to go back for next week since they are on the other side of my mouth. 

The numbness is starting to wear off and now my jaw is starting to hurt. Ouch.... (whine whine whine).

Ok Im off to hunt pain meds.

Jan. 12th, 2008

I have officially accomplished nothing today. Joanne & I went out dancing last night so I didn't get to be until nearly three am,so I slept through my Saturday morning gym classes (and there are no later classes on Saturday). Eventually I got up, checked email/LJ, napped and suddenly it was 5 pm. 

I went to Old Navy & Target to check out new bathing suits for the cruise but the selection at both places is still limited, so I came out empty handed. Boo.

Watched Disc 1 of Season 3 of Lost tonight. Five more discs and I will be caught up. I am seriously hooked on this show. I really don't usually go for the "bad boy" types, but damn, I love Sawyer (if there is something coming up to make me not love him, please don't tell me... I am fairly unspoiled for the remainder of the season and would like to stay that way).

Apparently Richard Simmon's "Sweating to the Oldies" is being rereleased on DVD and it seems like every other commercial tonight is for it. Richard Simmons makes me want to giggle and scream in terror ,in equal parts. 
 Game night was fun. Also, I discovered Blue Moon (best.beer.ever.) has a pumpkin harvest beer (its called something like that) that is awesome. It had gross potential, but the flavor was very subtle and it was yummy.

I worked for a couple of hours today then went to go see Lars and the Real Girl. Go see it, I loved it. It is a bit... artsy, but not excessively so. It is only playing a few places around here, but I lucked out because the theater showing it was only 10 mins from my apartment. 

Also, I discovered Panera's vegetarian black bean soup is awesome. I am so proud of myself for expanding my food horizons. I actually ate Chinese food for lunch with work people on Friday. Those who know me know that I normally won't touch it, but it was actually pretty good. Also, I got the veggie stuff so no mystery meat. Cream cheese rangoons (I think that is how you spell it) with duck sauce = yum. Yes, I realize I am slow discovering this. 

Someone on an LJ comm mentioned pumpkin pancakes and now I want some. But I need to find a recipe. Maybe I will do that tomorrow. I suddenly feel very domestic. 

We went dancing at Cancun Cantina. Good times, and they had a Halloween costume contest. Basically, it can be summed up from the Mean Girls quote "Halloween is the one time a year that a girl can dress as slutty as she wants and no other girl is allowed to say anything about it." Lots of that. 

Tomorrow is Matisse opending day/French day celebration at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Yay for free events!


So the weekend in the Cape was ok. It had its ups and downs. The service for my grandfather was beautiful, at the yacht club right on the water, and it was a gorgeous day. I forgot my uncle was a Navy veteran (he never really spoke of it), so he got military honors, with the flag and such. 

The weekend was exhausting, though it was nice to see my family. My mom and I went to my aunt's house on Friday, because she had a lot of my grandmother's (who passed away in 2000, I think, perhaps 1999) jewelry. My aunt kept anything of monetary value but she had, no joke 3 boxes of "costume" type jewelry. I took about a quarter of it. My grandmother has some cool stuff. On a 85 year old woman, yes it looked a bit "old lady" but it has serious potential, and I love to find kind of different accessories. She had about 20 strands of different kinds of beads, which I am planning to restring. I figured I might as well take it, as otherwise it would just sit in a drawer. 

I have awesome friends and family, and I got awesome stuff for my birthday (I love you guys even minus the presents, too, of course!). Besides Courtney's package from New Zealand, I got a authentic Hawaiian lei from Malia (she ordered it from Hawaii and everything), made of shells and stuff (not flowers). My mom is paying one of my payments for the cruise, got me pink monkey pajamas, and a black top. Got cash from my dad and bought this (because I am looking for new furniture and now I have a ton of jewelry): 

I put this together tonight, took me 2.5 hours, and I only got confused once! Turned out I missed a page of instructions, which explained why the next step didnt make sense. It wasn't difficult (just about everything I buy has to be put together, so I am good at it), there were just a lot of screws.

Apr. 7th, 2007

Ummm. It snowed last night. Not too much, as it didn't really stick to the ground. It  stuck to everything else though. Weird weather, its APRIL!


Not that you asked, but....

People should read this article. When I was at the Sheriff's Office, it used to drive me crazy how many people were under the impression that police could find you from your cell phone. To be fair, I know a good portion of this is because the cell phone salespeople are often really uninformed and tell people that this can happen to make the sale. I used to have people refuse to tell me where they were because they insist I know from their phone.  This came up in a conversation in a LJ comm I am in recently, and I am going to quote myself (as I dont feel like typing it out again). 

"True, it is possible *with certain cell phones* to find out roughly where you are. As in what block, maybe. At least where I worked, this took time (roughly a minute from the time the operator decided to initiate this to plugging the coordinates on a map to get the area).

If you are stuck in the middle of the woods or standing in the street screaming, this is helpful. If you are in a neighborhood/shopping center/apt complex/anywhere busy with lots of buildings, we do not know which house/building you are in. It is not that precise yet (or wasn't as of a year ago). It can help get someone to your area, but don't count on it as a reliable way for the police to find you.

Every few shifts someone would refuse to tell me where they were because "my cell phone will tell you". These are people who knew where they were or could easily enough have found out. This not only delayed gettinng help to them, but caused the operator to be tied up longer, meaning there is a chance other callers may have to wait. " 


This just drove me crazy and I realized this may seem out of left field, but I came across this article when I was reading the news today and it kind of brought it all back.




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Back to work tomorrow. My dept got an email today from the Marketing Director (my boss' boss) and he was pissed that no one showed up. Even though there was an ice storm and the roads weren't plowed with any kind of consistency. So tomorrow should be interesting. Anyways, whatever, I busted my butt at home today so its not like I called out or anything. 

Is it wrong that I find some kind of weird happiness in the fact that the storm hit on Valentine's Day? Because, really, Mother Nature thinks it is a dumb holiday, too. I'm not really feeling bitter or anything, it was just an observation. Needless to say, I have no plans tonight. New Bones is on though, which is good enough for me. Then maybe finish my book then go to bed. Verrryyy exciting evening. 

Ok, so Im watching the news this morning and who shows up by David Boreanez and Emily Deschanel (from Bones, which I love)

Some snippets (paraphrased from memory, lol).. it was a cute interview, they are so fun to watch together.

Newscaster: (about Brennant apparently dating the new FBI guy, to Emily): So I hear your character will be dating a new FBI agent? 
David: ::puffs out his chest a bit:: She is *really* into FBI agents!

Newscaster: How do you two have such great chemistry?
David: We do a lot of "exercises" off the show
Emily: ::looks a tad baffled/embarassed::
Newscaster: I dont want to know.

(continuing with the onscreen/offscreen chemistry line of questioning)
Emily "David's great"
David ::pause, grin:: "Emily's ok"

Newscaster: So whats in store for Seeley Booth?
David "Dont call me Seeley. Its...  'Special Agent Booth' " ::grins::


Hello to my f-list.

Since I have moved to Maryland, I have visited a bunch of places and gotten some recommendations as to fun places to go. Problem is, looking back, I am having trouble remembering them. So I am going to start posting places I have been in the DC/Baltimore/VA area (if I ever actually make it out there) with a bit on what I liked there, stuff to remember for next time, etc. This is mostly for my own recollection, and I don't want to spam my f-list with a bunch of places if you aren't interested. Leave me a comment here if you are interested and want to be added to this filter (there are a few locals on my f-list, and I know I like hearing about other places, but that is just me) Even if you are not a local, let me know if you want in.

EDIT: As a disclaimer, these may not all be super-interesting places (for the most part), but they are all new to me, so I like them (for the most part).  It will be more interesting than, say, "the Walmart one town over" (unless, of course, something interesting is in said Walmart, lol).